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Wellsfargo Bank Savings Service

  Wells Fargo Goal Savings Wells Fargo Money Market Savings Wells Fargo Growth Savings Wells Fargo Preferred Rate Savings
Interest Competitive rate Competitive market rate Competitive, high-yield rate. Fixed interest rate guaranteed during each calendar quarter intervals and a minimum guaranteed rate for each quarter Premium rates exclusively for PMA Prime Checking account customers. Variable-rate guaranteed for one-month intervals.
Monthly Service Fee Fee waived with:
  • minimum balance or
  • with at least one monthly automatic transfer of $25 or more to the account from another Wells Fargo account, or
  • with at least one monthly direct deposit3 of $100 or more
  • Otherwise, $3.
  • Fee waived with minimum daily balance. Otherwise, $10. Fee waived with minimum daily balance or if linked to the Wells Fargo Portfolio Management Account® with PMA® Prime Checking. Otherwise, $20 None
    Minimum Daily Balance Required (to waive the monthly fee) $300 $3,500 $20,000 None

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